Friday, June 6, 2014

Figure Drawing

After a lot of practice drawing the human figure we had to choose a partner and draw them life sized with the correct proportions. My partner was Kristen. I used charcoal pencils for this project, so I could easily blend and add values and detail.

I gained skills through this project, it taught me how to even use charcoal pencils correctly. It also taught me how challenging it can be to draw a correct human figure. Drawing a human figure life sized is even harder, it takes a lot of planning out. I had to divide my large piece of paper into sections so I would draw Kristen's body correctly.

This project was challenging for me only because I was short on time. I am a slow worker and I missed a few work days, I could not even finish by the due date. Luckily I was allowed more time.

This project taught me a lot, even though I am familiar with drawing people...they are one of my favorite things to draw. I learned a lot of new techniques to draw people with the correct proportions.

Even though this project was kind of a flop for me I am very thankful for the lessons and the things I learned.
Scratch Board Project

The Scratch Board Project was very different and challenging. Given a black sheet of scratch board and a carving tool we all had to scratch off the black to reveal a silver layer, it was almost like drawing with a white pencil on black paper. It was challenging because most everyone, including me, was used to drawing in shadows... not highlights; it was a bit difficult to get the hang of. While doing the scratch board we had to show movement in our drawings. Once I got started it was very fun.

This project introduced scratch board drawing to me, I learned all the techniques and skills through this project. There was really nothing familiar to me in this project.

I love drawing dragons, they have to much detail and movement when drawing them. This project was all about showing movement so I figured a dragon would be a great choice.
Gesture Drawings

We were assigned to draw out figures showing different movements, to practice drawing out the composure of the human figure. Even though we were assigned to draw out basic figures it was still challenging, it was very fast paced. It was challenging to draw out a figure so fast and make it proportional. I like drawing people, but only when I can add characteristics and a lot of detail. I did not really enjoy this lesson but it taught me a lot; I also needed to get used to drawing the movement in the body.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Skull With Tracing Paper

I tried to make this look as realistic as possible, I love drawing people so I tried to make this project of mine stand out. This assignment came with pretty simple instructions, so I just did as I was told when drawing this.
No challenges really occurred, I feel like I handled this assignment pretty well. I did not make noticeable mistakes with this assignment,but I did struggle a bit. It was hard to line up my face exactly with a skull, sometimes I felt like my face did not line up.

Skeleton Drawing

For this assignment I just did as I was told, I did not add anything to make it unique. I learned how to put together the human figure without any skin or muscle, it was challenging. I just drew what I saw. I gained skill in drawing from life and drawing the skeleton of a human. I was not sure how I would do drawing this, but it didn't turn out too bad. I am used to drawing from life but this was a challenge, drawing from life seemed like the easiest way to approach this.

Final Self Portrait

The Final Self Portrait drawing project was all about getting the hang of the composure and the proportions of the face (your face). My class was required to draw a self portrait of ourselves from a selfie we took, and incorporate a little bit of character into it to show our true selves.
In this Project I used Prisma Color pencils and chalk pastels. I used this media to show vibrant color and smoothness, also to blend easily.
In this project I tried to incorporate something that would show my personality and show that it was me. I added fairy characteristics since I love magic and fantasy. My inspiration was fantasy and even a bit of nature, it made my idea unique and pretty. I practiced more with Prisma Colors and it turned out really good. I really improved with this material. During the process of making this project I asked my friends for feed back, most of them just told me it looked great already, some gave me constructive criticism.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Transparency Project

Drawing a transparent thing is hard to do, so a big project only focusing on that is a bit scary. I wasn't too worried though, since I had practiced so much with drawing transparent items. I chose to draw out a close up of crystals in chalk pastels, which is my favorite medium since they are my favorite to use, even though they can be difficult, I felt like pastels would show a lot of high lights in my crystals and give them beautiful bright colors... this all sort of came through. Pastels are difficult when it comes to really fine lines, which sort of shows in my final piece. Even though it is not my best work when it comes to pastels, because it faded so much over the course of working on it, I am glad I did it anyways, this was such good practice using pastels!
Point of View Project

This project required us to choose something to draw that is in a point of perspective; I chose to draw a cottage in the woods in two point perspective. This project was very time consuming but also very fun, since I love creating houses and I love creating landscapes. This project was to show how well we could draw something in perspective after all the practice we were put through. This project was very time consuming because of the medium I used, prisma colors and pencil, both take forever when it comes to drawing out a huge picture/
Candy Drawings

This was my first attempt at drawing a piece of candy wrapped in plastic, I was feeling doubtful in myself at first but then I realized it was better to just draw what I saw, then it became a lot easier. This first required drawing was to give the class a chance to get the feel of drawing more transparent items. We used pencil first because it is an easier medium to use and good choice for the first try.

This was the second required candy drawing, except it's in color. Since I had already gave candy drawing a try, I was feeling confident and just excited to use colors. This gave us practice drawing a transparent item in color.

This was just practice I gave myself, I tried to use a different type of candy and chalk pastels as a medium. It was good practice and I think it turned out well. I felt like I needed all the practice I could get before I started my Transparency Project.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bottle Drawing

To focus more on practicing with transparency we were required to draw different types of bottles in different ways such as in pencil and in prisma colored pencil. The bottles were practice and gave us room to improve our skills when drawing something transparent. I never really struggled with this since I'm already so precise of a drawer. For the bottle drawing shown I used drawing pencils, to add movement and value I really focused on my use of lights and darks. This project allowed me to get the feel of drawing transparent things.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Contour Instrument Drawing

This was one of my earlier attempts at contour line drawings and it shows. I really struggled with this whole concept and the fact that instruments are very complicated to draw was very challenging. It was important for me to practice contour line drawings though. I used a gel pen and drew with a steady line, which was challenging since I have a habit of sketching my drawings. Even though I didn't like this assignement, it was important; I needed practice with contour line drawings and I had never drawn a trumpet before.
Contour Room Drawing

Contour drawings are a must for drawing class, it helps improve your drawing skills all around and helps you practice a whole new technique. They are very hard to do, for me that is. I really struggle with keeping my pen down on the paper and not sketch the drawing, if you do sketch a contour drawing it shows. I used a gel black pen to create this drawing, it allowed me to flow through it easily. To add value and movement I used the pen and added lines and zig-zags in shadowed areas. This drawing showed how much I improved with contour line drawings if you look at my previous attempts. I still struggled with my sketching habit but I ended up making a pretty quality drawing. My goal is to master contour line drawing.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Redo Project: Monkey (2002)-Monkey (2014)

I loved my childhood, everything was an adventure, even going to school. For my Redo project I wanted to use something from my childhood, like this drawing I did of a monkey in my kindergarten class back in 2002. My mom and dad always loved that drawing because of how much detail I put into it, it was surprising for a 5 or 6 year old. I did a redo for that little drawing to compare how different yet the same it would look; I tried my best to use the exact same colors and medians that I used for this monkey way back when. The medians I used was oil pastels, crayola markers, and crayons; which was pretty simple because obviously I grew up using these things. 
Perspective Project: Beach Cottage

This is my favorite piece I did in all of Art III, it is a one point perspective painting of an imagined beach house I just thought of. This was the second idea I thought of for the Perspective project; my first idea was going to be a one point perspective painting of an ill man reaching up and yelling. I did not go through with my first idea because it was way way way too difficult, and would take way too much time; this idea even took a long time. I used acrylic paint for this piece, so I could define details better, though it was hard; I had to use very tiny brushes. This project was a challenge since I am not very skilled with painting but it was worth it!
Time Project: Rotting Fruit

Caitlyn and I made this piece together, it shows how a peach and a banana rots over time. We divided a large piece of drawing paper into an even amount of square sections, almost like a chart. We took one banana and one peach and stabbed little holes in them, allowing them to rot faster. In each section of the paper we used colored pencils to draw out what the two pieces of fruit looked like every day; showing how the fruit rotted over about a two week period.
Layers Project: Tainted Roses

This is a 3D piece of bloody roses, resembling tainted beauty; usually something beautiful has a dark side. This was my first idea for this project and it won me over right away, because I love the idea of something beautiful with some dark feel behind it. The median I chose for this project was five different colored tissue paper folded and glued onto drawing paper in the shape of five bloomed roses, after it was all glued I splattered the paper with red water color and acrylic paint to make it look like blood splatters/drops on the roses. This piece fits into the layers project because I used a LOT of layers of tissue paper when I was making the roses. This piece was a challenge to make because I have never been too good at roses, whether it be drawing them, sculpting them, even planting them haha; also, I have never used tissue paper in an art project. But I proved to myself that I can make pretty great roses using tissue paper with this project.