Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Intertextuality Project: Disney Gone Punk


This piece is a drawing of four Disney princesses modernized into alternative characters. Some of my other ideas for this Intertextuality project was modernday teenage Alice in Wonderland characters (Alice, and The Mad Hatter), the Disney princesses modernized to look like the girls from the movie Mean Girls, and this same idea but using Ariel and her prince. All of which were going to be colored in colored pencil and marker. Using colored pencil is great because you can shade and put different values into the art piece, marker is also great because it shows fine detail. This piece shows intertextuality because it changes the characters, though they are the same beings but with a different look. This project showed the darkness of growing up too. When people are younger especially girls looking up to these princesses, everything is pretty and pink sparkles and butterflies (usually), but when people get older some uniqueness comes out, sometimes with a darker edge, this is definitely an emotional piece. I have never drawn tattoos on a character before, it was hard to shape the tattoos around the shape of the body parts, but I think in the end I did a pretty good job.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Text as an Element: Pretty Woman

 I thought of texts that had anything to do with culture and adjectives; such as ugly, practices, religion, and beauty. I chose beauty because the idea of beauty is different all over the world in many different cultures. In Asia an idea of beauty is older women, with large strecthed ears, and with their necks stretched. This idea of beauty is very different from the idea we are used to. So I drew a picture of an older Asian woamn with a strecthed neck and stretched ears, and I wrote beauty over and over in the back ground. I chose to use colored pencil and marker, so I could make the art piece colorful and vibrant but also incorporate values. I think I took a risk because I have never drawn an older person before, it was something new for me.