Friday, June 6, 2014

Figure Drawing

After a lot of practice drawing the human figure we had to choose a partner and draw them life sized with the correct proportions. My partner was Kristen. I used charcoal pencils for this project, so I could easily blend and add values and detail.

I gained skills through this project, it taught me how to even use charcoal pencils correctly. It also taught me how challenging it can be to draw a correct human figure. Drawing a human figure life sized is even harder, it takes a lot of planning out. I had to divide my large piece of paper into sections so I would draw Kristen's body correctly.

This project was challenging for me only because I was short on time. I am a slow worker and I missed a few work days, I could not even finish by the due date. Luckily I was allowed more time.

This project taught me a lot, even though I am familiar with drawing people...they are one of my favorite things to draw. I learned a lot of new techniques to draw people with the correct proportions.

Even though this project was kind of a flop for me I am very thankful for the lessons and the things I learned.
Scratch Board Project

The Scratch Board Project was very different and challenging. Given a black sheet of scratch board and a carving tool we all had to scratch off the black to reveal a silver layer, it was almost like drawing with a white pencil on black paper. It was challenging because most everyone, including me, was used to drawing in shadows... not highlights; it was a bit difficult to get the hang of. While doing the scratch board we had to show movement in our drawings. Once I got started it was very fun.

This project introduced scratch board drawing to me, I learned all the techniques and skills through this project. There was really nothing familiar to me in this project.

I love drawing dragons, they have to much detail and movement when drawing them. This project was all about showing movement so I figured a dragon would be a great choice.
Gesture Drawings

We were assigned to draw out figures showing different movements, to practice drawing out the composure of the human figure. Even though we were assigned to draw out basic figures it was still challenging, it was very fast paced. It was challenging to draw out a figure so fast and make it proportional. I like drawing people, but only when I can add characteristics and a lot of detail. I did not really enjoy this lesson but it taught me a lot; I also needed to get used to drawing the movement in the body.