Friday, June 6, 2014

Figure Drawing

After a lot of practice drawing the human figure we had to choose a partner and draw them life sized with the correct proportions. My partner was Kristen. I used charcoal pencils for this project, so I could easily blend and add values and detail.

I gained skills through this project, it taught me how to even use charcoal pencils correctly. It also taught me how challenging it can be to draw a correct human figure. Drawing a human figure life sized is even harder, it takes a lot of planning out. I had to divide my large piece of paper into sections so I would draw Kristen's body correctly.

This project was challenging for me only because I was short on time. I am a slow worker and I missed a few work days, I could not even finish by the due date. Luckily I was allowed more time.

This project taught me a lot, even though I am familiar with drawing people...they are one of my favorite things to draw. I learned a lot of new techniques to draw people with the correct proportions.

Even though this project was kind of a flop for me I am very thankful for the lessons and the things I learned.

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