Monday, January 13, 2014

Redo Project: Monkey (2002)-Monkey (2014)

I loved my childhood, everything was an adventure, even going to school. For my Redo project I wanted to use something from my childhood, like this drawing I did of a monkey in my kindergarten class back in 2002. My mom and dad always loved that drawing because of how much detail I put into it, it was surprising for a 5 or 6 year old. I did a redo for that little drawing to compare how different yet the same it would look; I tried my best to use the exact same colors and medians that I used for this monkey way back when. The medians I used was oil pastels, crayola markers, and crayons; which was pretty simple because obviously I grew up using these things. 
Perspective Project: Beach Cottage

This is my favorite piece I did in all of Art III, it is a one point perspective painting of an imagined beach house I just thought of. This was the second idea I thought of for the Perspective project; my first idea was going to be a one point perspective painting of an ill man reaching up and yelling. I did not go through with my first idea because it was way way way too difficult, and would take way too much time; this idea even took a long time. I used acrylic paint for this piece, so I could define details better, though it was hard; I had to use very tiny brushes. This project was a challenge since I am not very skilled with painting but it was worth it!
Time Project: Rotting Fruit

Caitlyn and I made this piece together, it shows how a peach and a banana rots over time. We divided a large piece of drawing paper into an even amount of square sections, almost like a chart. We took one banana and one peach and stabbed little holes in them, allowing them to rot faster. In each section of the paper we used colored pencils to draw out what the two pieces of fruit looked like every day; showing how the fruit rotted over about a two week period.
Layers Project: Tainted Roses

This is a 3D piece of bloody roses, resembling tainted beauty; usually something beautiful has a dark side. This was my first idea for this project and it won me over right away, because I love the idea of something beautiful with some dark feel behind it. The median I chose for this project was five different colored tissue paper folded and glued onto drawing paper in the shape of five bloomed roses, after it was all glued I splattered the paper with red water color and acrylic paint to make it look like blood splatters/drops on the roses. This piece fits into the layers project because I used a LOT of layers of tissue paper when I was making the roses. This piece was a challenge to make because I have never been too good at roses, whether it be drawing them, sculpting them, even planting them haha; also, I have never used tissue paper in an art project. But I proved to myself that I can make pretty great roses using tissue paper with this project.