Art III Final Portfolio

1. My most successful project... (Beach Cottage)
         This was an acrylic painting of an imagined beach house, for the Perspective project. This project was easy yet challenging at times, I love perspective and I am good at drawing out houses and landscapes; but the challenging part was paining out the small details, I had to use a very small brush and work very carefully and slowly... this project was very time consuming. But all this time payed off, the final piece came out great; very beachy looking and the detail and perspective looked realistic.

2. The project I overcame the most obstacles... (Disney Gone Punk)
         This piece was for the Intertextuality project, it also required a lot of details and was time consuming. An obstacle I had to overcome was drawing these Disney princesses with the exact same features as they have in the movies. Another obstacle I had to overcome was drawing realistic and detailed tattoos, which was very hard because I also had to shape the tattoos so they would fit over the body part they were on; it's hard to draw a tattoo of an octopus curved in such a way to look like it's on a shoulder.

3. Two projects that show my growth as an artist... first (Tainted Roses)
           This piece was for the Layers project, I feel I grew as an artist while making this piece because it is unlike anything I have ever made before. I have never used tissue paper to make a 3D work of art, also I have always struggled with making roses in anyway... so this project too a lot of tries. It was also difficult because it incorporated a darker feel to it, which I felt was hard to show and make it look realistic. It was hard but it turned out pretty good.

... second ( Monkey (2002) - Monkey (2014) )
            This piece was for the Redo project, this shows how I grew as an artist over many years. The monkey on the left is from 2002 and the one on the right is from 2014, This piece shows how differently I draw and create a cartoon monkey, and how much I did grow as an artist which was a lot. Some things are the same though, like my love for color in my art, my love for animals, and my love for making things my own.

4. New way of teaching.... (everything)

           I loved the new way of teaching and learning, i felt like I was actually creating my art and not following some specific instructions. I loved how I could choose the median I wanted to use, I felt like I was making my on personal art. This way of teaching and learning helped my grow as an artist because it let me expand my mind and creativity... at my own will.

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