Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Contour Instrument Drawing

This was one of my earlier attempts at contour line drawings and it shows. I really struggled with this whole concept and the fact that instruments are very complicated to draw was very challenging. It was important for me to practice contour line drawings though. I used a gel pen and drew with a steady line, which was challenging since I have a habit of sketching my drawings. Even though I didn't like this assignement, it was important; I needed practice with contour line drawings and I had never drawn a trumpet before.
Contour Room Drawing

Contour drawings are a must for drawing class, it helps improve your drawing skills all around and helps you practice a whole new technique. They are very hard to do, for me that is. I really struggle with keeping my pen down on the paper and not sketch the drawing, if you do sketch a contour drawing it shows. I used a gel black pen to create this drawing, it allowed me to flow through it easily. To add value and movement I used the pen and added lines and zig-zags in shadowed areas. This drawing showed how much I improved with contour line drawings if you look at my previous attempts. I still struggled with my sketching habit but I ended up making a pretty quality drawing. My goal is to master contour line drawing.