Drawing Final Portfolio

1. Most successful project : Final Self Portrait
The main focus of this project was to draw a well proportioned self portrait while incorporating ideas to show your character and or personality. I used a selfie I took a long time ago as a reference for my self portrait. I drew what I saw from the picture, then added fantasy face make up to show my love for fantasy and magic. I used Prisma Color pencils and chalk pastels so I could easily show color and value, I could also blend really well with the material I used. The pastels created a blurring affect which I loved, it almost looks like a pink fog around me. The Prisma Colors really showed the dimensions in my face and showed values. I wanted this portrait to show me as a fairy being, and I think I did exactly that.

2. Least successful project : Figure Drawing
This project was a little bit hard for me. I was very short on time due to absences and my slow work pace, so I was a bit rushed. I would like to go back over this project sometime and finish up the values and details I meant to include originally. I wish I paced myself better and planned ahead. But, I do think I did a good job from what I got done, proportion wise. My drawing looks nothing like the model I used, but she does look good. I am lacking a lot of values and defined details.

3. Two projects that show growth: Self Portrait Sketch vs. Final Self Portrait

The self portrait sketch was my first try drawing a self portrait in this class. It was done in my sketch book, and it was just practice. To draw it I had to look at myself in the mirror, drawing what I saw. I think it was well done, but it was a little bit rough and the proportions were off; also it didn't look like me. The Final Self Portrait was probably my fourth try drawing myself in this class, and I feel like I got way better. In the final I think the proportions were more on point and it was better put together; it looked a bit like me too. My final shows better detail and is way more creative.

4.Two mini lessons that were most beneficial : Bottel drawing and Peppermint

Both of these mini lessons were to prepare us for the Transparency Project. The bottle drawing, which was done in the sketchbook, was our first practice drawing transparency. The lesson was all about teaching us the highlights and low lights we need to add to show the transparency in the bottle. The peppermint was less of a lesson and more of a self practice. The peppermint was pretty well done, I was kind of disappointed it wasn't a real project. I don't feel like I mastered drawing transparency, and I would really like to. I feel like these mini lessons really helped me.

5. Favorite medium : Scratch Board
The scratch board was totally new to me. It was very cool learning how to draw with a totally foreign median. This median allowed me to explore into new ways of drawing and showing highlights. Darwing on a scratch board is like drawing on black paper with a white pencil, drawing the highlights not the low lights.I had to get used to drawing the highlights and not the low lights. I loved that it was so easy to show movement in the dragon I drew. Movement is so fun for me, it involves a lot of detail which I love. It was a challenge using this median because it was so new to me, but it was a very fun challenge!

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