Monday, April 7, 2014

Candy Drawings

This was my first attempt at drawing a piece of candy wrapped in plastic, I was feeling doubtful in myself at first but then I realized it was better to just draw what I saw, then it became a lot easier. This first required drawing was to give the class a chance to get the feel of drawing more transparent items. We used pencil first because it is an easier medium to use and good choice for the first try.

This was the second required candy drawing, except it's in color. Since I had already gave candy drawing a try, I was feeling confident and just excited to use colors. This gave us practice drawing a transparent item in color.

This was just practice I gave myself, I tried to use a different type of candy and chalk pastels as a medium. It was good practice and I think it turned out well. I felt like I needed all the practice I could get before I started my Transparency Project.

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