Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Final Self Portrait

The Final Self Portrait drawing project was all about getting the hang of the composure and the proportions of the face (your face). My class was required to draw a self portrait of ourselves from a selfie we took, and incorporate a little bit of character into it to show our true selves.
In this Project I used Prisma Color pencils and chalk pastels. I used this media to show vibrant color and smoothness, also to blend easily.
In this project I tried to incorporate something that would show my personality and show that it was me. I added fairy characteristics since I love magic and fantasy. My inspiration was fantasy and even a bit of nature, it made my idea unique and pretty. I practiced more with Prisma Colors and it turned out really good. I really improved with this material. During the process of making this project I asked my friends for feed back, most of them just told me it looked great already, some gave me constructive criticism.

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